The Institute of Accounting, Controlling and Auditing is working on international research projects and transfers latest scientific findings into practice.

Our research topics are based on the following research fields:

  • Accounting (Prof. Dr. Tami Dinh)

  • Audit (Prof. Dr. Florian Eugster)

  • Audit und Accounting (Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried)

  • Controlling / Performance Management (Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller)

  • Corporate Finance (Prof. Dr. Marc Arnold)

  • Digital Performance Management (Prof. Dr. Mael Schnegg)

  • Finanzinstitutionen (Prof. Dr. Andreas Blumer)

  • Finanzielle Führung (Prof. Dr. Dirk Schäfer)

  • Management Accounting (Prof. Dr. Dennis Fehrebacher)

  • Service Performance Management (Prof. Dr. Matthias Mitterlechner)

  • Sustainability Governance (Prof. Dr. Judith Ströhle)

For further information about each research topic, please visit the individual websites


Researchers at the Institute ACA-HSG regularly publish in leading international scientific journals. The following publications have been accepted in FT 50 Journals in recent years: