Masterprogram MACFin

With the M.A. HSG in Accounting and Corporate Finance you obtain ideal qualifications for a successful career start in consultancy, investment banking and auditing.

The Master Programme in Accounting and Finance (MACFin)


  • provides you a holistic view of financial management
  • deals with the current and future issues of financial perspectives
  • takes an integrated approach to all relevant perspectives of modern financial management
  • requires and promotes interdisciplinary knowledge and capabilities in accounting, corporate finance, tax & legal, and auditing.
  • develops individual and team problem solving skills and communication with respect to financially oriented issues in the context of the corporate system


The MACin is the Master Programme of our institute. While the mandatory courses are offered by our professors, the broad choices allow our students, in close collaboration with other institutes and well-known speakers, a curriculum that is tailored to their individual interests and requirements.


From 2016 on, the three best MACFin degree students will be honoured every semester (according to their final grade). The MACFin-Awards are remunerated as follows:

1st price CHF 3‘000

2nd price CHF 2‘000

3rd price CHF 1‘000


The award ceremony takes place in the course of the MACFin-Breakfast right before the official ceremony at the Master’s Graduation Day.


Prof. em. Dr. Alfred Storck, honorary professor emeritus for business taxation and corporate finance, helped to initiate the MACFin-Awards with a major donation.

April 06, 2024 Awards Ceremony.

1. Preis: Vincent Luis Haser
2. Preis: Maximilian Chris Moritz Bohlmann
3. Preis: Maximilian Luis Alexander Deuringer

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schäfer congratulates all graduates for their successful culmination and awards the diplomas. 

Overview past Laureates

Awards Ceremony on October 07, 2023
1. Preis: Sebastian Hahn
2. Preis: Marco Pauli
3. Preis: Nicolas Herrigel / Benedikt Lahninger

Awards Ceremony on April 01, 2023
1. Preis: Artur Dobysh
2. Preis: Patrick Götz
3. Preis: Mike Harry Heeb

Awards Ceremony on October 08, 2022
1. Prize: Marco Weiss
2. Prize: Lorena Schneeberger
3. Prize: Felix Hilker

Awards Ceremony on April 02, 2022
1. Prize: Isabelle Sophie Appelhans
2. Prize: Caroline Thiel / Simon Y. Prokopidis Rokofyllos

Awards Ceremony on October 02, 2021
1. Prize: Nicolas Werner
2. Prize: Simon Alexander Büchel / Thomas Lagler
3. Prize: Alexander Allgaier

Awards Ceremony on October 05, 2019
1. Prize: Caroline Erni
2. Prize: Lucas Noerpel-Schneider
3. Prize: Reto Manuel Trachsel / Alexander Brian Joss

Awards Ceremony on Mmarch 30, 2019
1. Prize: Harald Weiler
2. Prize: David Rau
3. Prize: Michael Friedrich

Awards Ceremony on October 06, 2018
1. Prize: Pascal Artho / Didier Lauber
3. Prize: Vivien Harvey

Awards Ceremony on March 24, 2018
1. Prize: Jeffrey Meyer
2. Prize: Simon Wohlgensinger
3. Prize: Raphael Wyss

Awards Ceremony on October 07, 2017
1. Prize: Lucas Ammann
2. Prize: Cédric Heeb
3. Prize: Philipp Eichenberger

Awards Ceremony on April 01, 2017
1. Prize: Kristina Krämer
2. Prize: Tamara Schuster
3. Prize: Luca Willisch

Awards Ceremony on October 08, 2016 
1. Prize: Christina Schellenberg 
2. Prize: Maurice Kiefer 
3. Prize: Nikola Gozze

Awards Ceremony on April 02, 2016
1. Prize: Benjamin Schmid 
2. Prize: Stefanie Bernet 
3. Prize: Vivien E. Buechler