Our institute has a long tradition of being in close contact with practice and there are various forms of projects with representatives from practice.

Our project-related and innovative forms of cooperation with representatives from practice focus on a long term partnership and comprehensive dialogue.

For corporations, associations and entrepreneurs, we offer a variety of opportunities to support the further development of financial leadership in the interplay of teaching, research, and knowledge transfer. Our sponsors consider the cooperation with the university to be extremely inspiring, profitable and valuable. As a largely independent entity within the university, we are flexible and always find ways to work together successfully in our mutual interest.

Ernst & Young

In the field of Audit and Advisory of Financial Services Companies we are supported by Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. In Switzerland, Ernst & Young has approximately 2'700 employees at 11 locations and also offers services in the field of tax and law as well as transactions and accounting.

The sponsorship shall foster the knowledge transfer from academia to practice. Through research projects, seminars and events we hope to open the discussion about current challenges regarding audit and advisory of financial institutions to a broader public. The sponsorship should underline the importance to Ernst & Young of promoting universities as well as the education and advanced training of its employees.

Ernst & Young sponsors a honorary professorship including research assistance and infrastructure. The position is held by Honorary Professor Dr. Andreas Blumer. The sponsorship is running since March 2012. It contributes to the dialogue between professionals, faculty and researchers.

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Hilti AG

Hilti AG supports us in the fields of Controlling and Performance Management

Hilti employs a workforce of around 30´000 in 120 countries and supplies the global construction industry with technologically leading products, systems, and services. The company offers innovative solutions to professionals in the construction industry.

Hilti supports research and transfer activities at the University of St. Gallen through the sponsoring of the Hilti Lab for Integrated Performance Management, which is part of the Chair of Controlling / Performance Management. Its goal is to foster the knowledge transfer between the scientific and practical community by financially supporting doctoral projects. With regards to content, the lab focuses on the interplay between behavior and steering systems and the effective integration of these two elements.

Discover more about the Hilti Lab here.



In the field of Audit and Accounting we are supported by KPMG.

KPMG Switzerland's activities are grouped under KPMG Holding AG (the Swiss member of KPMG International Cooperative, «KPMG International»). In Switzerland, KPMG has more than 2,000 employees at 11 locations and is a leading provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory services: Audit to create the trust and transparency integral to good corporate governance; and Tax and Advisory services to support successful, all-round corporate management.

KPMG sponsors partly a professorship including research assistance and infrastructure.

The position is held by Prof Dr. Peter Leibfried, MBA, CPA. The sponsorship has been running for since October 2005. It contributes to the dialogue between professionals, faculty and researchers.

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Think-cell is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to create complex charts, such as Line, Bar, Waterfall, Mekko and Gantt charts, as quickly and easily as a sketch on paper. Diagrams created with think-cell automatically find the right layout and always look attractive. All slide elements – connectors, arrows, etc. – can be created with a click of the mouse and are automatically placed exactly where they belong. The uniform design of all diagrams guarantees an always accurate and professional appearance. Management and maintenance of the agenda and table of contents are of course also possible. The think-cell add-in for Excel makes it possible, among other things, for the visual decimal format to be consistent with consistently rounded data cells.

For further information regarding think-cell, please send an email to acaunisg.ch.


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