Bachelor-/Master thesis

Prof. Dr. Andreas Blumer continuously supervises many bachelor and master theses. The focus is on application-oriented research in the field of auditing, accounting, sustainability, and consulting of financial institutions.

Dr. Iva Mihaylova supervises Bachelor's and Master's theses as a supervisor or co-supervisor from fall semester 2023.

Important information about supervising bachelor's and master's theses.

1. Please send your supervision requests jointly to Professor Dr. Andreas Blumer ( and, please use both emails) and Dr. Iva Mihaylova (

2. When you contact us for the first time, please send:

  • A complete and up-to-date curriculum vitae in English or German language.
  • Grade transcripts with all grades from your previous studies.
  • A reading sample (a written thesis, term paper, bachelor thesis, etc., which you have written as a single author).
  • Your motivation why you would like to write your Bachelor's or Master’s thesis with us.
  • Time period, from when to when you would like to write your Bachelor's or Master’s thesis as well as how much time per week you plan to invest. Please note the HSG rule that 1 ECTS = 30 hours of work.

3. if you want to propose your own topic, you are welcome to explain your idea in your first email. In this way, you have a better chance of becoming our positive answer, compared to the case when you expect us to give you a topic. When describing your idea, please use our draft template, which all students should use, when writing a thesis under our supervision.

4. Please contact us only if you want to write your Bachelor's or Master’s under our supervision and not if you have the strategy to contact many professors at the same time.

Subject areas

A Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis can be written with us in the following areas:

  • Accounting for banks and insurers
  • External and internal audit, internal control
  • Governmental supervision system of the financial industry
  • Risk management and control
  • Corporate governance of financial institutions
  • Current issues in the context of regulatory requirements (e.g., money laundering prevention, investment suitability, capital adequacy requirements, risk distribution requirements, liquidity requirements, etc.)
  • Other current issues in the financial industry (e.g., cross-border, tax issues, etc.)
  • Sustainability accounting and reporting at banks, insurers, and asset managers incl. investment funds
  • Human Capital Management in financial institutions
  • Political economy and financial institutions
  • A topic proposed by you that is within our area of expertise.

Please note

  • The student is responsible for informing him/herself on his/her own initiative, in a timely manner, and independently about the relevant issues regarding his/her Bachelor's or Master’s thesis and to follow all HSG rules (incl. but not limited to relevant legal information for the 
  • Bachelor's and Master’s level, plagiarism, scientific writing, citation rules, deadlines).
  • The student is responsible for being proactive and planning his/her time so that he/she attends regular feedback meetings during the supervision period and informs his/her supervisor of all circumstances relevant to the supervision. The student is strictly prohibited to request a feedback meeting for the first time in the last month before the scheduled submission of the thesis.
  • If we email the student during the supervision period, he/she is obliged to respond within 10 working days, to regularly integrate our feedback into his/her work, and to regularly send us drafts (including data and other relevant materials) of his/her work.
  • All academic work at the University of St. Gallen must be accompanied by a signed declaration of independence.
  • If you use help from third parties, e.g., consultations, translations, etc., this must be approved by us before the start of the supervision process and clearly marked as help from third parties in your thesis.
  • If you are conducting interviews for your Bachelor's or Master’s thesis, you must provide
  • us with the transcripts in a timely manner during the supervision process. Before submitting your thesis, you must provide us with the final version of the interview transcripts. Please note that at HSG, interview transcripts must be submitted as an appendix to the thesis if they are not confidential.
  • If you are conducting qualitative/quantitative research, you must provide us with your data and programming code (where applicable) during the supervision process. Before submitting your thesis, you must provide us with the final version of your data and programming code.
  • Scientific Writing: The Writing Lab at the University of St. Gallen offers writing workshops and individual writing consultations.