The Competence Center of Prof. Dennis Fehrenbacher has extensive and long-standing teaching experience in German and English in Management Accounting and Accounting Information Systems in Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes. In 2020, Prof. Dr. Dennis Fehrenbacher received a faculty commendation for outstanding teaching evaluations for his "Integrated Systems for Business Enterprises" course. An interactive approach to teaching is taken and aims at enabling students to not only apply management accounting and information systems tools, but also to critically question their application and results in light of research findings. In doing so, behavioural insights from research is incorporated into teaching to prepare students for the workforce.

The following classes are offered at present:


Finanzielle Führung (Financial Management)

Accounting, Controlling, Auditing

Accounting Information Systems and Visualization


Management Accounting

Managerial Reporting Analytics and Visualization


Topics in Accounting Research

Field and Experimental Methods in Accounting