The competence center of Prof. Dennis Fehrenbacher focuses on management accounting and information systems topics, and specifically digital technologies and their potential use for corporate management.

A focus is particularly on behavioural aspects. For example, in one project eye-tracking experiments have been used to investigate how the perception of responsibilities influences information processing in performance evaluations.


In other projects, influences of social media data, enterprise social media or information load on management decision-making and management control are studied. An empirical-quantitative approach including experiments, questionnaire-based surveys, interviews and archival data is used. Collaborations frequently include experts drawn from a wide international network that includes Europe, the USA and Australia.


The Competence Center of Prof. Dr. Dennis Fehrenbacher publishes in leading international academic journals (including Management Accounting Research, Decision Support Systems and the Journal of the Association for Information Systems), books and practice-oriented magazines (including Financial Management, Controlling & Management Review, Zeitschrift für Controlling). Journals are supported in editing and reviewing activities (including Decision Support Systems, Behavioral Research in Accounting, and the International Conference for Information Systems (ICIS)).


In the 2022 edition of the WirtschaftsWoche Forschungsmonitoring, Prof. Fehrenbacher was ranked among the top 3 researchers with a focus on Accounting (JEL Code M41) in the "under 40 Ranking" category.



Selected publications:


Fehrenbacher, D.D., Ghio, A. and Weisner, M. (2023), Advice Utilization from Predictive Analytics Tools: The Trend is Your Friend, European Accounting Review


Fehrenbacher, D.D. (2017), Affect Infusion and Detection through Faces in Computer-Mediated Knowledge Sharing Decisions, Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Fehrenbacher, D.D., Sutton, S., Weisner, M. (2022), Spatial Distance and Risk Category Effects in Enterprise Risk Management Practice, Journal of Management Accounting Research


Fehrenbacher, D.D., Kaplan, S.E., Moulang, C. (2020), Affect and Accountability in Capital Budgeting, Management Accounting Research


Fehrenbacher, D.D., Schulz, A. K-D. and Rotaru, K. (2018), The moderating role of decision mode in subjective performance evaluation, Management Accounting Research


Rotaru, K., Fehrenbacher, D. D., Liang, M. H., Schulz, A. K. D. (2020), Causal Inference in Judgment Using the Balanced Scorecard, Journal of Management Accounting Research


Rotaru, K., Schulz, A. K. D., & Fehrenbacher, D. D. (2017). New technologies for behavioural accounting experiments. In The Routledge Companion to Behavioural Accounting Research (Eds. Libby, T., Thorne, L.). Routledge.


Rötzel, P., and Fehrenbacher, D.D. On the Role of Information Overload in Information Systems (IS) Success: Empirical Evidence from Decision Support Systems, International Conference for Information Systems (ICIS), Munich, Germany (2019)


For further information on publications of Professor Fehrenbacher, please visit his webpage at Alexandria: Profile Page Prof. Dr. Dennis Fehrenbacher - Alexandria (


External PhD Students:

Jane Serrao, Monash University, Australia

Michael Tao Hu, Monash University, Australia

Liyan Zhang, Monash University, Australia


Past PhD Students:

Dharmendra Naidu, PhD, placed as Lecturer at Monash University, Australia