In the last decade, the importance of integrating sustainability in business practice has grown exponentially. Despite this urgency, however, the practice of measuring, managing and controlling sustainability outcomes and impacts at company level is lacking sophistication and speed in implementation – both in theory and in practice.


The research of Prof. Stroehle at the Competence Center for Sustainability Governance seeks to address this important gap. With a focus on pressing questions about sustainability measurement and management, our research particularly hones into the processes and (in-)efficiencies of corporate governance, sustainability accounting, auditing and reporting, financial sustainability risk assessment and financial planning for sustainability.


Our ultimate question is: How and where can accounting and corporate governance help companies to create positive and avoid negative environmental and social impact?

A complete list of Prof. Dr. Ströhle's publications and information on her curriculum vitae can be found on the Alexandria research platform.

Publications Prof. Dr. Judith Ströhle

Ausgewählte Publikationen:

Ausgewählte Publikationen:


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